support Iranian labour activists against economic and Judicial pressures

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support Iranian labur activists against economic and Judicial pressures
In recent days, with the resumption of protests against the difficult living conditions, security forces and the judiciary system have increased pressure on labour activists and their families in various ways.
Relying on a completely unknown legal article , the judiciary has confiscated the property of those who had bailed Jafar Azimzadeh (President of the Free Trade Union of Iran) for temporary leave from prison to follow up on his treatment. The excuse for this action of the judiciary is the delay of Jafar Azimzadeh in introducing himself to the prison on time. However, despite the fact that Jafar Azimzadeh is subject to the newly rules of both instructions of the judiciary regarding the release of political prisoners during the Corona outbreak, he is still in prison and serving his five-year sentence due to the prosecutor’s disagreement. It should be noted that one of the guarantors is Parvin Mohammadi, who is currently on temporary conditional leave from prison, her house (bail object) is guaranteed to be sold by the judiciary. Parvin must return to prison on April 19th, at the end of her leave.
On the other hand, in the past few days, the security forces have been threatening members of the Free Trade Union of Iran during their contacts, and have also pressured the families of these activists to stop them from continuing their activities.

Following these humiliating pressures on labor activists, interrogators and prosecutors have contacted Nahid Khodajou and Shahpour Ehsani Rad (members of the Free Trade Union of Iran) and asked them to return to prison for the remaining period of their sentences (both are temporarily released from prison on bail).
Following the crackdown on social protests, in the current difficult situation and despite the risk of corona, security forces in Kamyaran city , arrested Erfan Fakhri, Abdullah Yozi and Mobasher Ghorbani (members of the “Kamyaran workers and skilful guild association), while threatening, beating and confiscating their mobile phones. They have also pressured two members of the association’s board to resign from the association.

These pressures and repressions of the workers’ protests are signs of a long-term plan by the Iranian capitalist government to suppress social protests against the unbearable living conditions in Iran. Conditions in which, with the announcement of the Insignificant minimum wage by the government and employers (around 130 dollars per month), create a very difficult economic and social situation after the close down period caused by the outbreak of corona.

The governance and its affiliated security and repressive institutions are well aware that despite the current class divisions, which are deepening every day, the working class and it’s activists will lead the social protests to overthrown this unfair system.
The Campaign to Support Iranian Workers calls on all social activists, organizations, parties and independent organizations to take actions in support of workers’ activists and imprisoned workers.

Campaign to Support Iranian Workers

15 April 20

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