The present situation and the needs of the labor movement

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 The process of economic, political and social develop deadlock during the last year have been so fast, that even the most optimistic economics and politics leaders of Iranian regime are believed these conditions can be ended by structural collapse.

On the surface it seems that the situation caused by external circumstances or related to political and economic factors from outside of Iran. Some of politic analyzers tell us, it’s resulting of sanctions, and the part of regime believed these situation is outcome of the other parts of politics’ functions.

But the over past decades realities of socio-economic shows that current crisis is now approaching to turning point, because of interior economic structure and the process that has been going on in various forms for years.

Thanks to thirty years of dictatorial regime and oppression all forms of social protest and the prohibition of the establishment of workers, the capitalist class in Iran has been expanded, in addition to the maximum exploitation of the labor and earn maximum profit and surplus-value, freely looting social wealth in all its forms.

Such a trend will not only feed the capitalists in general, but also political and governmental representatives of this class, are realized their regional and military plans at the expense of labor.

But the process of centralization and redistribution of capital cause serious changes in the class stratification

 Now a strong part of the political structure and the economic planners have become newest and youngest segments of the capitalist. According to their current nature, they have different ideas from traditional groups about capital movement and social structure. 

But of course, the realization of dreams of this part of the capitalist is not simply possible.

 Nowadays, the changes in the capitalist world and political and social changes in the region, and the most important and decisive, internal developments and structural changes in working class and society, labor movement has become social protest leader and this has created conditions so that capital as well as the 80s will not be able to easily replace their strategists and their leadership. 

The current economic and political stalemate in Iran, in fact, is result of confusion and the deadlock in the policies and economic prospects of the present leading capitalist groups.  

All factions of the bourgeoisie have played a role in the creation of these conditions. 

In addition to the internal problems of the capitalist class, their government is always faced with social protest and tense political atmosphere.

 In recent years, different social strata have tried to be representative of the social protest movement.

Despite of  the continuously of the labor movement in form of protest movement over the past thirty years but now after the quality and quantity have been improved, the  labor movement has become representative of social protest against current hardship conditions.

Over the past few months the extent of the strikes in manufacturing centers, workers’ and teachers’ and nurses’ protests clearly shows that now 90% of the community’s main demands represents by workers protest movement.

 But with such Important social position for reasons that we all know Iranian working class has been denied access to nationwide organizations. The organizations that create cohesion of the class struggle and they will become stronger against the capitalists. With presence of thousands of labor activist who is led the strike workers’ movement by personal initiative, the lack of nationwide workers’ organizations sense more than ever.

The current situation of classes in Iran have shaped a conundrum, in one hand, although the economic and state power levers are in hands of the capitalist but they are in the weakest and most fragile situations, more than ever, on the other hand, despite of the presence of the working class as the main force of social protest, the labor is deprived the wide social and political organizations. 

Of course, in the current restive society and labor continuous mass protests the bourgeoisie will not be able to easily manage the reconstruction and redefinition the motion of capital process. Also the social and political changes in society will not allow them to establish the desired order through the blood stream as the past decades.

Although the Iranian government agreements with Western bloc may be effective in the domestic territory, but the effects of the agreement and compatibility with global capital in short time will not have impact on lives of 90 percent of people and the current problems will continue put pressure on workers.

At the same time according to the current needs of the capital and because of the continuous pressure of labor movement on the government the society will be able to impose more and more concessions on the various organs of capitalism in Iran. Concessions that could remain as an important affect in change of the social and economic situation of different sectors of society.

These conditions placed special duties on the shoulders of labor activists. According to this situation, labor activists’ concerted effort to organize the masses of workers is very important. In addition, labor activists by giving specify identity to the political, social and economics’ demands of protesting workers, can converted these demands to the public demands. This trend leads to widespread and correlated labor movement and social protests is the one of the main goals of the labor movement.

In such circumstances, the Iranian working class will be impose the main demands of various sectors of society to the capitalist class, in spite of different results from the games  between governments.. 

Success in this struggle and such circumstances will lead to realized many of the prerequisites for fundamental changes in the dominant order by the leading of the working class.

                          ” Campaign in Support of Iranian Workers”

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