Charter of Minimum Demands and the necessity of organized social presence

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The economic, political, social crisis, and the deadlock of the ruling establishment in Iran have made changes in governance structures essential. In the past two decades, labour struggles against economic policies such as workforce downsizing, temporary contracts, lowering living standards, unpaid wages, and Etc. have expanded. Other segments of the workforce, such as teachers, nurses, and retirees, have also staged widespread street protests against the privatization of education and health and the elimination of various social security benefits. In recent years, the increase in living costs and the inability to access basic necessities of life, along with various social pressures, arrest, torture, imprisonment, and execution, have resulted in a wave of social uprisings.

With the deepening of class divisions in society and the continuous repetition of mass protests over the past years, the necessity of being organized and organizing the masses of workers and activists in various fields of social life as a precondition for the success of these protests has become more and more apparent.
With the beginning of a new round of social protests under the title of Uprising called women, Life, Freedom, and the Necessity of Serious Political and Social Changes” among various strata of society, a minimum demands manifesto with 12 demands was published by 20 civil and trade organizations in February 2023.

Although the minimum demands raised in this manifesto have been previously raised in the statements and demands of various organizations and political activists, this time it played a different role but due to the political atmosphere created by the reactionary forces of the opposition and against the surfing of various currents oppositions with the strategy of the so- called “regime change” and neutralizing the fundamental protests of the society based on social and economic inequality ,had a different role this time. The importance of this minimum charter in the current situation lies in its reliance on social organizations and provides a way for the expansion of collective movements.”
Regardless of the demands raised in this charter, which requires serious review and clarification, and independent of the somewhat outdated literature and commensurate with the signing labour organizations what has drawn attention to this charter is the inclusion of various labour and civil organizations on the context of the existing political conditions in Iranian society.

The main demands raised in this charter, such as the release of political prisoners, unconditional political and social freedoms, gender equality, welfare demands, and environmental issues and Etc., have been the central demands of all labour and social forces for years.

The widespread support for this charter has not only created a space for left-wing social trends to move forward, but it has also shown once again that achieving the class demands of workers is only possible through collective and organized action.

While we support the charter of minimum demands and understand that it requires serious review in certain areas, but we also believe that achieving its contents is contingent upon the organization and social mobilization of the working class.

Campaign to Support Iranian Workers (CSIW)

Cooperation Council with the Workers’ Alternative in Iran

Solidarity Committees with the workers movement in Iran – abroad

February 2023

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