The repression of the farmers and people of Isfahan is an attack on the freedom and rights of all people

  • آذر ۱۴, ۱۴۰۰
  • دیدگاه غیر فعال شده است

Iranian trade unions and retirees ‘organizations have issued a statement regarding the farmers’ protests in Isfahan. A part of this statement reads:
“The result of four decades of incorrect water policies and management and the unprincipled and unprofessional allocation of Zayandehrud water to industrial uses, and as a result of the drying up of this river, has been nothing but ignoring the interests of farmers and other residents, not allocating water rights and destroying the environment.”
Affected farmers and people protesting the situation were forced to gather and camp in the dry bed of the Zayandeh River after failing to follow up on lengthy legal channels and repeated street protests. The 24-hour rally continued with slogans of protest and strong and decisive expression of the protesters’ demands.
Police and security forces did not tolerate this protest and rightful gathering of the people, and from three o’clock in the morning on Thursday until midnight on Friday, November 26th, the Basij forces (one of the five forces of the Isamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and the police suppressed, wounded and arrested the people with firearms and tear gas and after setting fire to the tents beat the protesters and dispersed them. The protesters, with united ranks and courage, resisted and showed that violence and detention could not meet the demands of the working people. “
It is stated in another part of this statement
“Environmental degradation, a failed economy, and misguided policies are a mirror image of the current ailing and incurable structure. Favorable conditions for the work and life of farmers, workers and other sections of the working people are possible only with fundamental changes in society.
Over the past decades, we have witnessed the continuous destruction of natural resources such as water and soil and the destruction of the environment, incorrect allocation of resources and uncoordinated changes in different parts of the country under the pretext of industrialization of Isfahan, Khuzestan, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and other provinces. The destructive effects of this policy have been observed for years in more air and soil pollution, water shortages in different parts of the land, deforestation and its severe impact on the destruction of agriculture and the lives of farmers and the lives of millions and will continue for many years.”
At the end of this statement, the signatory organizations have announced:
“We condemn the repression of the farmers and the protesting people of Isfahan and call for the punishment of the oppressors and the unconditional release of all those arrested.”

The organizations signing this statement include:
Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company
Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Workers Syndicate
Islamshahr Teachers Trade Association
Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations
Follow-up Committee to Set-up Free Labour Organizations
Retirees Union
Retirees Union Group
Tehran Free Journalists Association

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