Protein content on the workers’ food basket has been reduced by 36%

  • آذر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۹
  • دیدگاه غیر فعال شده است

According to the research arm of the Iranian parliament, (The Research Center of Islamic legislative Assembly) the prices of basic goods have increased significantly in the last two years. So much so that even commodities like chicken have grown in price by more than 100 percent. Due to this price increase, the average consumption of basic goods has decreased significantly in recent years. The reported data shows that in the lowest-income middle class, red meat consumption fell by 36 percent. These data, of course, do not take into account the inflation of 2020, and if the inflation data of this year are taken into the account, surely there will be a much greater reduction in the consumption of basic goods.
When red meat consumption in the lower middle-class decreased by about 36% in2019 compared to 2016, it is clear that the reduction in consumption of these basic items for lower-income working class have been more than these numbers. It can be concluded that the low-income working-class households had a reduction in protein items intake of more than 36% or even 40%. in simple terms, workers have reduced their food basket as much as they could, and good quality meat and protein products have disappeared from workers’ food basket!
Although this report has been published by the Iranian parliament, it does not offer any solution to these miserable conditions and does not say why the rate of decrease in consumption of basic goods has fallen from 2016 to 2019 with such a steep slope? For years, statistics have shown uncontrolled inflation and a sharp decline in the quality of life of the majority of people, especially the working class. Official data it shows that housing prices have raised by 500 percent in two years .Official data shows that over the past two years, red meat consumption has dropped by nearly 40% and people are suffering from food poverty. The same data show that, taking into account cumulative inflation in recent years, the rate of household food basket has exceeded the minimum wage of workers much. But statistics are useful when they provide results and solutions; just showing numbers and information will be useless.

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