Stop the Palestinian genocide


The question of the right of self-determining of Palestine, or in other words, the national issue of the Palestinians, which has been unfolding since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 with the support of British imperialism, has once again become the most significant topic among the global community and international forces advocating for the rights of the oppressed people of Palestine, following the attack by Hamas forces on Saturday, October 7, 2023.
Nearly 75 years have passed since the injustices and crimes of the Israeli government, in collaboration with imperialists, and yet the resolution of the Palestinian national issue remains shrouded in uncertainty. The unlawful occupation and the gradual establishment of an apartheid Israeli regime have effectively turned Palestinians into prisoners in an open-air prison, which, according to Amnesty International, has become the world’s largest open-air prison.

Only in the light of the historical context of the Palestinian people’s struggle against occupation we can analyse the recent conflict. Any attempt to reduce and simplify this war to a confrontation between Hamas as a reactionary religious force and the right-wing apartheid government of Netanyahu not only fails to provide a genuine understanding of the existing conflict but also introduces a significant amount of ambiguity. This is the very point where all reactionary and imperialistic forces, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Western imperialists, and the right-wing Israeli government, share a political nexus.
We, as an editorial board of the campaign in support of Iranian workers, strongly condemn this criminal attack by the apartheid Israeli government. We affirm that the origins of this conflict, like previous confrontations, can be traced back to Israel’s crimes spanning over seven decades.
Cutting off water, electricity, and food supplies to people who are effectively trapped in an open-air prison, as noted by human rights reporter Francesca Albanese from the United Nations, is a clear example of genocide and a crime against humanity.
On the other hand, news agencies and western media, by lying and unilaterally supporting the Israeli government, once again confirmed the putrefaction of bourgeois democracy and showed that capitalist democracy is nothing more than a joke and a scarecrow.

The Palestinian genocide is occurring while not only mainstream media fail to address it, but by portraying Israelis as victims, they effectively grant official approval for the bloodshed and violence against the Palestinian people

We advocate for putting an end to this unequal war and halting the killing machine of the apartheid Israeli government because the defenceless people of Palestine should not pay the price for the conflicts of regional reactionary forces. The immediate solution to this situation is to stop the recent war because no security can exist without peace, and no peace can exist without justice.

We believe that the ultimate solution to the Palestinian issue should be in the hands of the workers and the hardworking people of Palestine. Only through a great class-based alliance between the workers and the freedom-seeking people of Israel and Palestine we can achieve a lasting peace. Any reactionary solution by capitalists and imperialists, as history has shown, exacerbates the situation significantly.

Long live the struggle for the rights of the Palestinian people!

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  1. Thanks for your right and very resolute support for the oppressed people of Patesine.

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