Liberation from capitalism is possible only with the organized working class

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May Day 2022
Liberation from capitalism is possible only with the organized working class
For nearly four decades, the world’s ruling capitalists have been taking back the gains of a hundred years of workers’ struggle for social justice and public welfare.
Workers with permanent contracts and job stability have become temporary and zero-hour contract workers. Today’s wages are lower than they were in the middle of the last century. While large sections of the world working class have been deprived of the right to form their own class organizations, existing labour organizations have become smaller and more moderate.
Many parties, groups, and intellectuals who, in the past, advocated the interests of the working class or the socialist alternative of the workers’ movement have today become defenders and thinkers of the existing social order.
All this is only because the working class is not currently, as a social, political and organized class with its own alternative, opposing capitalism.
Over the years, the conflicting interests of the capitalist blocs has turned our world into a scene of regional wars between the ruling class governments. In these wars the main victims are workers and wage earners around the world. This rivalry between the ruling powers has not only led to the massacre and displacement of millions of people, but has also led to the forced migration of a large part of the global workforce. Workers have not only lost their homes, but they are exposed to daily humiliation and discrimination.
In addition to all these social problems, the capitalist effort to produce and consume more goods, puts our planet and all kinds of living things is in serious danger of extinction and destruction. The wars of various capitalist governments, from Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya to Chad, Somalia, and Ukraine, have caused irreparable damage to the environment, in addition to the deaths and displacement of millions.
All these catastrophes have one and only one reason, the absence of an organized working class with a working-class alternative at the national or international level in the face of capitalist aggressions.
Iranian society, as one of the centres of conflict between the working class and the capitalist class, has faced daily pressures and repression of the government in recent years. The Iranian capitalists and their government have tried to prevent the formation of any kind of genuine labour organizations through social and economic pressures and the arrest of labour activists in the workplace. The capitalist government in Iran, regardless of any ideological or political nature, has only set its goal to create the most appropriate conditions for the growth and expansion of the interests of the capitalists.
The realities of Iranian society clearly show that the only way out of poverty, unemployment, and repression requires the presence of an organized working class against the barbarism of capitalism. The organized presence of the Iranian working class in the face of the current situation, not only promises a bright future for the vast majority of society, wage earners and toilers, It can also end the suffering of the working people of the Middle East and shape a better future for this part of the world.
Long live May Day, International Workers’ Day
Long live the international solidarity of the workers
Towards the creation of wider mass organizations of the working class

May 2022

Campaign in Support Iranian Workers( CSIW )
Cooperation Council with the Workers’ Alternative in Iran
Solidarity Committees with Iranian Workers Movement(AWNI)

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